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EDUSAFE (Education Management Software)

Real Time Attendance

The EduSafe - Education Management Software has introduced an advanced technique of Real Time Attendance with Multiple Face Scanning system. CCTV Cameras are installed for "In or Entrance" and "Out or Exit" on the main gate of any institution or agency and linked with multiple face scanning software installing in PC. Initially the images of all Students/staff with particulars are scanned and saved.

In the morning on opening of School/Institute the system is started and the Cameras start working. After this when any registered individual appears before the cameras his attendance is marked automatically of that Real Time and message is sent to registered Mobile No. of parents/guardians.

It is automatic, fast, time saving and all time available for attendance monitoring agencies. The Multiple Face Scanning technique also provides details of some unregistered individual as "Unknown". It minimizes security threats and better than all earlier attendance marking techniques.

(Education Management Software)

EDU Safe (School Management Software) started its ordeal to introduce advanced educational solutions by researching and developing an app which increases the efficiency and reduces the margin of errors. As more and more features were required at the far end, manifestation was a challenge and a motivation to develop the first and most important aspect "security". As we have introduced the first of its kind advanced multiple facial recognition systems, the vast field has recognized our perseverance in providing complete security solution.

In recent studies educators have been constantly in requirement for easy solution based on internal infrastructure management for Administration, Teachers, Students, Parents by providing solutions to problems related to Data circulation, Competitive learning, Individual grooming, etc. The interface simplifies all problems through especially designed mechanism's making the app the first choice.


The fast growing Digital revolution has got us in turmoil in delivering quality education keeping in mind the other aspects of security, management and real time information distribution.

EDU Safe (Education Management System) setting a benchmark in the education industry has provided security solution like multiple face recognition system, keeping a real-time watch on every student individually making it a safe and secure app in tracking students in school and Buses. Also software generated solutions maintaining quality education standards with newly evolved methods. EDU Safe (Education Management Software) provides complete solutions in tracking attendance, Assignments & Home work, Test reports or marks, Leaves or Requests, News or Notifications, Complete Library Stocking and management, School Profile, Employee Profile, Transport Management, Accounts & Fee management, Anti-theft Software and other management requirements in real time.


EDUSafe - Education Management System has evolved as the upcoming market leader by introducing advanced multiple face recognition system in its app as one of its kind. The CCTV installation identifies individuals even at crowded events recognizing multiple faces at real time at one time. Every individual can be easily monitored through the system at all times. EDU Safe (Education Management System) has not only set high standards, but also made security and safety the least debatable topic.


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