Hospital Management Software is an integrated desktop application which is designed for multispecialty hospitals/clinics to cover a wide range of Hospital administration and management processes. This software is developed and designed keeping in view the requirements of clinic and hospitals.

We can design Hospital Management software as per your organization need, to improve the quality and management of hospital system.

This software helps hospital to coordinate their activities, prepare financial statements quickly. It also helps to schedule to doctor’s appointment, operation theater management, patient / admission / discharge / transfer, bed management, ward management etc. It helps hospital administrator to take effective decision with regard to patient care, hospital/ clinic administration and finance.

Modules of Hospital Management Software
1. Office Management
2. Patient Management
3. Pharmacy Management
4. Blood Bank Management
5. Laboratory Management
6. Bed & Ward Management
7. Appointment Management
8. Human Resource Management

HMS Features
1. Reduces the amount of paper work
2. Manage hospitals, doctor and patient record.
3. Manage In-patient and Out- Patient records.
4. Manage databases for treatments, illness and billings.
5. Manage hospital information like Doctor Details and Admin staff.
6. Maintains the record of all departments in a hospital which include different wards, labs, medical store, billing department & many more facilities.
7. Inventory Management, Financial Management and front office management are integrated in this software.

Benefits of HMS
1. Affordable
2. It is user–friendly.
3. Saves time and money
4. Makes the management easier.