Inventory Management System

An Inventory management system is software that automates the process of tracking inventory. The kinds of inventory tracking with this inventory management software can include almost any type of quantifiable goods including Food, clothing, books, equipments and any other Item that consumers, retailers or whole sellers may purchase. The most important benefit of an inventory management system is to save time and money.

Main features of the inventory management software are order management, assets tracking, service management and given below

1. Vendor Management
2. Customer management
3. Warehouse Management
4. Dispatch order Management
5. Stock Management - Keep track of your stock levels.
6. Barcode - Inventory with barcode also can be managed.
7. Software can be customized according to the user requirement.
8. Manage order - Create purchase Invoice and sales Invoice in few second.
9. Sales and Purchase retails - Sales and purchase details can be down loaded in excel format.