24x7–Undetectable Guard On Duty

The increase in the number of Robbery in retail, houses, offices, offices has given the indication to protect them with today's smart and efficient Technology. The Anti-Theft system have evolved to match the introduction of new inventions of society.

The Advanced Anti-theft Software takes security to the next level that not only shoots a photo of the intruder to trace him later or to provide evidence in court but also makes mobile calls to nab the intruder red-handed.

There is no other competitor in the market with similar features or price range.

How does the system work ?

The Anti-Theft Software is installed in the PC and attached to the CCTV Cameras. The System works automatically when it is switched-on. At the time of closing the premises - the Application is also “ LOCKED ” from the Mobile.

If anyone tries to break-in into the premises - the System gets activated and the Camera shoots the intruder and his photo forwarded along - with Mobiles calls to 3-numbers provided. Necessary steps can be planned accordingly.

The Software is easy to install and 100% effective in safe guarding the premises.