Our school ERP has all features which are needed for the systematic school administration and management

Edusafe School Management ERP is very simple and user-friendly. This ERP has been development in the consideration of providing accessibility to this what administration and staff in school. There is no need of installing any kind of software on client system. Our ERP panel can be accessed from anywhere, any time with the help of internet. It is highly secured.

Edusafe take care of both management and collaboration by bringing Parents, Student and Teachers on single platform. We believe that true break through in advancement is achieved when administrative and management activities are automated. As schools have example subjects and complex examination pattern, There is a vital need to go digital.

School ERP Software provides the following advantage

1. Manage Your Library and Inventory Effort Lessly
2. Go Paperless Generate. E-Report On The Button Click
3. Makes the administration easily ERP will do work for your School
4. Elegant website presence to show case your schools vision and mission
5. Keep parents student and teachers in the connectivity loop at the all time. Through SMS and Email.

It help parents and school in many ways. It enhances the accountability systematic working, transparency, communication between departments along with parents, allow the management to take higher level of decision based on actual facts & values.